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Our Partners

Bio Minerals NV

Bio Minerals NV is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development and production of the BioSil product. BioSil's patented formula helps you produce the collagen you need for a clearer and more youthful looking complexion, hair and nails.

Arriani Pharmaceuticals SA

ARRIANI Pharmaceuticals SA is a Greek company from 1997. The success of Arriani is due to the activity in 4 different sections of the pharmaceutical market.


Since Biota Laboratories was established, it has achieved a quick-paced development geared towards realizing its goal to create global brands with the products that it develops based on its herbal expertise, and generate effective and long-term herbal solutions to health and beauty issues.
Biota Laboratories aims to develop internationally renowned innovative products of proven quality and efficacy based on natural ingredients. Biota Laboratories products are clinically tested by the world's leading independent laboratories for their efficacy and reliability after the clinical trials conducted jointly by the prestigious universities of Turkey.
Biota Laboratories that offers health and beauty together in its innovative products synthesizes different herbs offered by nature and combines them carefully using the latest technologies. Biota Laboratories draws upon the healing power of Anatolia which enjoys one of the richest floras of the world with 10,000 plants, of which 3,200 are indigenous. The benefits of this flora is harnessed by Biota Laboratories for the good of human health by combining the knowledge of the past with the technology of the future in its products. Biota Laboratories products are commercially available all around the world, mainly in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Poland and Azerbaijan..

Nemus Pharmaceuticals

NEMUS Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing entity having its corporate office in the Silicon Valley of India, Bioxsine Botanical Laboratories .

Fixderma India Pvt. ltd

Fixderma is a leading cosmecutical company, established in 2006 with innovative vision in the skin care arena. Fixderma is working efficiently and effectively in this domain and has gradually established as a renowned manufacturer and supplier of the cosmeceutical products globally. The company focuses on manufacturing, marketing 8, promoting innovative dermatology products in India and exports to over 30 countries across the globe. Fixderma has made a mark by making quality & result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market.